Become an Affiliate and help spread the word

Become An Affiliate

If you love Service Improvement Manager and you are an active member of social networks, or if you are a consultant looking to use Service Improvement Manager with your clients, you can personally benefit from spreading the word to your friends, colleagues and customers.

When you activate an affiliate account, we provide special links and graphics for use in your own websites, emails, social network profiles and blogs. Just copy and the code and get started sharing with your friends, colleagues and customers right away. For every new customer that signs up through your referral ID, you will receive a credit to your account for 10% of each payment that we receive from them for the life of their subscription.

How It Works:

When you activate your affiliate account, you will be given a unique referral ID code. When you refer someone to us this using your ID code (such as through an email or link on your website) and they commence a new subscription, their order is linked to your account so that commission may be calculated and credited to you.

Commission is calculated based on the commencement date of the subscription and matures after the subscription has initially remained active for 60 days. Each month, we will calculate the total commission balance and apply it as a credit to your account. With enough successful referrals, it’s therefore possible for you and your team to continue receiving your own SIM subscription or upgrade to a higher plan for free.

By activating your affiliate account, you accept the terms of the Affiliate Agreement