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Choose Your Plan Try SIM for free Perfect for auditors and consultants Best choice for getting started Great value for the bigger workgroup Ideal for the larger enterprise
Power Users 1 1 5 10 15+
Standard Users - - 10 100 Unlimited
Active Assessments 1 2 5 10 Unlimited
Active Initiatives 1 3 10 30 Unlimited
Assessment Library Basic Full Full Full Full
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Frequently asked questions:

Q:What are Power Users?

Power Users are the primary SIM users responsible for defining policies and processes, conducting assessments, managing risks and improvement initiatives. They can assign improvement activities and risks to other Power Users and Standard Users. Subscription pricing is set by the number of Power Users available in your package.

Q:What are Standard Users?

Standard Users are generic users that are responsible for managing individual improvement tasks and risks assigned to them to complete. Standard Users have restricted access permissions, but are permitted read access to the Management System Explorer and full use of the productivity tools.

Q:What happens at the end of my trial?

At the end of your free 14 day trial, your account will simply be suspended without any further action required by you. You can upgrade to a plan at any time during the trial by initiating the upgrade request to any of the paid plans via the support portal.

Q:Can I change my subscription plan later?
A:Yes you can. Subscription plans can be upgraded by the account holder at any time through the support portal.
Q:Do you offer an affiliate program?

If you love SIM (and we're sure you will) you can benefit from simply spreading the word about SIM with your friends, colleagues and customers.

We offer an affiliate system to all of our customers that enables you to receive a credit to your account for every new customer that you help to bring on board. This means that with enough affiliate referrals and subscriptions, you could continue using your own SIM subscription for free!

See here for more information on the affiliate program.

Q:I'd like to learn more. How can I arrange to see a demo of SIM?

If you have any further questions or you would like to arrange a time for a personal demonstration, please feel free to contact our sales team. Alternatively, why not just jump right in and start with a free trial or entry level plan. It's easy to get started and you can always upgrade at any time via the support portal.


Accepted methods of payments:

We accept Visa, Mastercard and offline EFT payments

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If you have any other questions or if you would like to arrange for a demonstration, please contact our sales team via the link below

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