Industry Applications and Case Studies

How business managers and industry sectors are using SIM to deliver holistic and integrated Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management initiatives.

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Who Uses SIM

Supporting Senior Managers Across the Business

C-Level Executives

Service Improvement Manager (SIM) is an accessible solution that gives executives full visibility of assurance programmes across the organization. Using SIM to manage, improve, track and monitor Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management status across the organization or functional areas, departments and groups has never been easier.

Risk Managers

Risk Managers are utilizing SIM to reduce overall business risk faced by the enterprise, as well as ensuring compliance within the organization. Risk Managers can more easily share information through the central risk registers and communicate potential risks, identify and assess threats, set controls and mitigate risks.

Cyber Security Managers

SIM provides proactive functionality to assist in preventing IT security breaches through organizational adherence to best practice standards. Access common security standards via an explorer interface that provides an accurate and accessible picture of IT security compliance. Establish controls to monitor thresholds and identify areas of non-compliance. Quickly and easily collaborate with and report to non-technical and technical personnel through the organization, to ensure adherence to security policies.

Internal & External Auditors

SIM has the ability to display your overall compliance to standards and best practice frameworks based on a structured assessment. Effectively manage audit findings and recommendations by leveraging SIM’s ability to track, monitor and report on the effectiveness of improvement opportunities and tasks. Reduce variability in assessments by using standardized and international recognised approaches to assessment and scoring. More efficiently generate reports and graphs and automatically generate improvement roadmaps.

Quality Managers

Service Improvement Manager is used by personnel involved in establishing and maintaining quality management systems. Key activities include performing evidence-based assessments, capturing improvement opportunities, assigning tasks to others, and tracking process compliance, capability and maturity improvements.

Business & IT Managers

Service Improvement Manager is used by business and IT managers responsible for reviewing, monitoring and tracking a range of fully costed and scored improvement initiatives, and by those seeking to benchmark their capability and maturity across a range of industry sectors.

Compliance Managers

Compliance Managers use SIM to review and evaluate compliance issues within the organization. Ensuring that nominated policies and procedures are being reviewed and followed. Management system reporting provide external auditors with views relevant to specific business and regulatory standards, reducing time and effort that used to be wasted gathering evidence to support ongoing external audits.

General Managers

A broad range of Departmental and Functional Teams use Service Improvement Manager to demonstrate that they are delivering value, leveraging applicable best practices, identifying improvement opportunities and risks, and tracking the related improvement initiatives based on their specific area of expertise.

Case Studies

How Others are Using Service Improvement Manager

The Journey to ISO/IEC 27001

Large Managed Service Provider

A large managed service provider required ISO/IEC 27001 certification to be eligible to respond to a large upcoming tender. With limited time and resources, the team engaged consultants to perform an independent assessment and build the implementation plan using SIM. Processes were implemented, controls established, and compliance was tracked to achieve certification in shorter time and win the tender. SIM has been used across the business ever since!

No More Spreadsheets!

international Consultancy

An major international consultancy adopted SIM to replace spreadsheets for all their customer audits and reviews. Significant time and effort was being wasted maintaining complex spreadsheets, processing audit results and generating improvement plans for customers. That all changed with SIM. Now engagements are performed with greater ease, saving time for the business and delivering greater value to customers. 

Continual Improvement in Government

Federal Government

Having responsibility across multiple areas within a large government department, the Service Improvement Team used SIM to conduct standardised internal assessments, develop improvement roadmaps and offer relevant best practice guidance. The ability to track progress across disparate functional areas was key to running an effective improvement programme, with SIM automation helping to expedite the creation of roadmaps and reports.

The Path to ISO 9001

Global Telecommunications Provider

A customer requirement for ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management) was the driver for conducting a preliminary assessment, developing an implementation roadmap and preparing for a formal external audit. Utilising SIM ensured that relevant information and supporting evidence was being maintained in a format that was easily accessible by the auditors. Internal personnel were more effectively able to identify and remediate any areas of non-compliance across multiple functional areas. 

IT Service Delivery

State Government

Having a long history of IT Service Management programmes that failed to achieve the required business outcomes, this State Government Department turned to Service Improvement Manager for help. After conducting workshops to define high level programme outcomes, SIM was used to assess compliance, capability and maturity for a number of key ITSM processes. An initiative was created in SIM to track and report on improvements made, costs saved and benefits realized.

IT Solution Replacement Project

Financial Services - Insurance

A Global Insurer required independent assistance to prepare for an IT Solution Replacement. They wanted to ensure that the processes and personnel would be prepared to take advantage of the solution. Solisma consultants provided advice, recommendations and practical assistance across a broad range of processes from strategy to operations. SIM was used to support the digital transformation and track necessary improvements both during the project and beyond.

Enterprise Risk Management

Financial Services - Superannuation

A Risk Management Team from a large Superannuation Company uses SIM to proactively identify technology risks and track associated mitigation activities. Accessing the audit capability, the Risk Manager can work collaboratively with the Internal Audit Team and senior management to set priorities to manage the defined organizational risk profile. Controls are put in placed to ensure advance notice of change in the risk management score. The end results have been a more collaborative approach and improved risk and compliance outcomes.

Lead Generation - Baseline Assessment

Service Management Software Provider

A global IT Service Management tool provider offers preliminary ITSM assessments as part of their pre-sales offering. Upon completing an assessment questionnaire, prospective customers automatically receive an assessment report, with indicative levels of process compliance, capability and maturity, opportunities for improvement and other recommendations specific to their requirements. This adds significant value to the customer during the research phase when selecting a new solution, and builds confidence and trust that the provider is considering all important aspects of their programme.

Supporting Continual Service Improvement

Global Telecommunications Provider

A global telecommunications provider implemented an effective large scale Continual Service Improvement programme utilizing Service Improvement Manager. SIM was used to baseline current service performance, generate the improvement plan, implement a Service Governance Model to drive ongoing improvement, and to map improvement activities to meet stakeholder requirements. A wider roll out of SIM is now used to address a wide range of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management issues.

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